Gill Red Angus

The Gill Ranch began in the late 60’s when Larry & Janet moved home after Larry got out of the army. In 1979, we bought our first registered Red Angus cattle from the Enid School dispersion. Our foundation herd consisted of mainly Chief bred females, which has given us the great maternal herd we have today.

From the beginning, our main goal has been to raise a maternal and performance cowherd. We feel that our herd has as much or more performance than any other herd no matter what the breed. We strive to have big-butted bulls and easy keeping cows. The mature weight of the cows in our herd is around 1350 lbs. -- not too big and not too small. We feel that you need to run what your environment allows you to run, and our cowherd fits right in that puzzle.

Our main priority the last 25 years has been to produce the best performance bulls we can so our commercial customers are profitable. We do everything possible to make sure our customers get what their calves are worth when they sell them. This last fall we nearly wore out our vehicles going to our customers’ sales and bidding on every Gill sired offspring we could find.
We market our bulls through our annual spring bull sale and our females privately.

Give us a call or stop in sometime. There is only one thing that we enjoy more than raising Red Angus, and that is visiting with our friends and customers.

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Fall 2008 Sale Report (Word doc)

Spring 2008 Sale Report (PDF)

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2006 Sale Report

Santa Sale

Gill Red Angus Bull Sale results Dec 7, 2005 (PDF)

2005 Sale catalog PDF (3.5 megs)

Santa Sale
Dec. 13, 2004
Valley City, ND
Sale Manager: Big Red Genetics
Auctioneer: Kyle Gilchrist

$3611- Cows
$3725 - Bred heifers
$4250 Pregnant Recips
$8750 Pick of the herd
$1900 Open Heifers
Average of 51 Females $3065
Average of 10 Embryos $500
1 Bull $2500

It started off a cold blistery day with temperatures around zero, but once the sale started it heated up very fast. We had a nice size crowd on hand as well as bidders on the telephone from all over the country. The theme was Christmas and everyone was in the Christmas spirit. We had decorations with Christmas lights and a nice Christmas tree - even the office help were wearing red Santa hats. It was a great sale and an even better social gathering.

When we came up with the idea for this sale we decided to do it right. The ranches that were selling these top genetics were Milk Creek Reds, MT, Hammel Ranch, MT, Gill Red Angus, SD, Heart River Ranch, ND, and OHR Red Angus, ND.

The high selling animal was Lot 51, a bred heifer from OHR Red Angus. She was a hot item leaving the ring at $9000 going to D & S Farms in Kansas. She was a daughter of RBJR Advance A709.

The second high selling animal was Lot 35. It was the “Pick of the entire female herd” from Gill Red Angus. This consisted of an open door for the buyer to come and walk through all the cows and records and choose any cow they want. When the gavel hit and the dust settled, it sold for $8750 going to Atkinson Reds, TN, McLean Red Angus, GA, Morgan Branch Ranch, NC, and Sycamore Farms of FL.

The third high selling animal was Lot 1. Milk Creek Reds brought this tremendous cow to town; she has loads of middle and muscle. She is a Rambo 502 daughter and a RCN Dynamo 614 maternal grand daughter. This cow is one of those cows that you will never forget. Choat Red Angus, NE, took her home for $7000.

Milk Creek also had the fourth high selling lot. It was Lot 4, a Logan 210 daughter and a maternal granddaughter of Hobo 1961. This girl has everything that one could want. She left the ring at $6100 going to Nebraska’s Sandbur Ridge Red Angus.

Next comes Lot 29, a bred heifer from Heart River Genetics. She is a daughter of Milk Creek Cub 722, and this girl has about all one could hope for. West Fork Ranch, WY, took her home for $5500.

Gill Red Angus and Milk Creek Reds split the next high selling lots at $5000 a piece. Lots 8 & 37 were both very stylish bred heifers with loads of muscle and bone. Lot 8 is a daughter of Glacier Chateau 744, and a maternal granddaughter of Buf. Crk. Barney 3474. She went to a great home in WY, as West Fork Red Angus took home their second female of the day. Lot 37 is a daughter of Forster King Rob 9082, and a maternal granddaughter to Hammel Run Cloud 525. Nordland Stock farm decided to take her home to Minnesota.

Lot 33 was the next exciting lot in the ring. It was a pick of the flush from four heifer calves that were ultra sound safe to Major League and Milk Creek Lakota 152. Nordland Stock Farm, MN, took the great lot for $4500; this was their third purchase of the day.

Milk Creek had a pregnant recip of LCC Vaquero and Milk Creek 152, Lot number 7. This cow is the dam of Milk Creek Cub 722. JD Red Angus, SD, and K Bar C Red Angus, SD, took this lot home for $4000.

The next one was a choice Lot 48 and 48A. We brought in a cow calf pair from OHR Red Angus. This was a tremendous pair. The cow was full of milk and style while the calf will be hard to beat in the show ring. Schumacker Trust, KS, took the cow for $4000.

Gill Red Angus has the last one we will mention. She was the high selling open heifer. Lot 45 is a daughter of VGW Rattler 908 and a maternal granddaughter of Hammel Run Cloud 525. Brandee Cattle Company of Kansas took her for $4000.

Volume buyers were Brandee Cattle Company from Coldwater, Kansas, with 5 head. They took home three animals from Hammel Red Angus, and one each from Gill Red Angus and OHR Red Angus.

Gill Red Angus
March 7 2005
At the Ranch by Timber Lake, SD
Managed by Big Red Genetics
Auctioned by Brent Theil

Top 10 bulls $5200
11 coming two year olds $3477
51 yearlings $2871
Overall average
62 bulls $2980

Guest consignor
Sandy Willow Red Angus
1 Coming two year old $3500
5 yearlings $1960
Overall Average
6 bulls $2217

It began as a windy & chilly day but the temperature changed fast when the hot sale began. The bleachers were full and there was hardly anywhere to even stand. This was our last spring sale and the last set of yearling to be sold here at Gill Red Angus. We have changed our program to a summer calving ranch and then we will sell 18 month old bulls in December. Trying to supply the cowboys with what they want.

The Gills had 2 high selling bulls. The first was lot 15,LMG Gills Power Surge 4569, an Embryo bull out of DKK Power Surge 708 and our first donor cow LMG Roxie 344, a Heavenly 8141 daughter. He had a lot of friends on sale day and rightfully so. This guy has the look, muscle and power to become great herd sire. His EPDs are 1.7 37 64 15 34 12. He left the ring at $9000 going to Sandy Willow Red Angus of Waubay, SD.

The next high selling bull also sold for $9000. He was lot 16, LMG Big Spread 4533, going to the Stradinger Ranch of Isabel, SD. He is a GMRA Wide Spread 972 son out of a Run Cloud 525 daughter, and has been a favorite of every visitor we had this year. He boasted a 1520lbs yearling weight, the heaviest ever here for a natural born calf. He also had a great set of EPDs of 0.8 41 86 20 41 13. There will be 10 semen packages sold on him for $1500 a piece.

Lot 14, LMG Gills Power Surge 4567, came in third. He is an ET brother to the high selling lot 15 bull. This guy has the heaviest weaning weight of the year at 820 lbs and did all you could ask for. When the gavel hit, Double Diamond Ranch, Douglas, ND bought him for $4750. His EPDs read 1.7 37 64 15 34 12.

Lot 42 was next on the list. LMG Gills Rattler 4554, a VGW Rattler 908 son out of a Gills Horizon daughter. He is filled with loads of growth, muscle, and style. His EPDs are 1.7 41 72 10 30 10. He found his way to the Gaikowski Ranch, Waubay, SD for $4250.

They had the first blast of the summer born bulls in the sale this year, and they were in hot demand. There was no extremes just good solid bulls selling to great cowboys. Lot 4 LMG Gills Rattler 3558, topped them off at $4500 going to Prairie View, Firesteel, SD. He is a VGW Rattler 908 son. His February 8th weight was 1895 lbs and his EPDs are 1 43 81 9 30 13.

A couple bulls left the ring at $4250 a piece. The first was lot 1,LMG Gills Rattler 3586, he was another VGW Rattler 908 son, weighing1610 lbs on Feb. 8th and his EPDs are 1.5 31 51 6 21 11. His new home is Thayer, IA going to Gary Weeda.

The other bull is lot 3, LMG Gills Rattler 3581, a VGW Rattler 908 son that weighed 1670lbs on Feb. 8th with EPDs of 1.6 37 68 7 25 12. He is going to a great home, at Mobidge, SD. Leroy Dubray grabbed him.

We sold bulls into Iowa, North Dakota, Nebraska, Missouri, South Carolina and South Dakota, with 58 out of the 67 bulls going to repeat customers. Dean Shremp of Eagle Butte, SD was volume buyer with 10 head.