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Feeder Calf Marketing

20,000 Head of Red Angus & Red Angus Cross Feeder Calves
and Replacement Heifers Available

Gill Red Angus Sired Feeder Calves and Replacements Heifers.

- Proven Pasture and Feeding genetics
- Performance cattle that grade
- Carcass and feeding history available
- Groups are from 20 head to 1000 head.
- Available at private treaty and auction.
- Calves and yearlings available.

As a western SD Red Angus Seedstock producer, we have a feeder calf program where we help facilitate contacts between our commercial bull customers and feeders or backgrounders that need top quality Red Angus and Red Angus cross feeder cattle.  

Gill Red Angus guarantees our customers that we will be there the day they sell to bid on their calves, provided they let us know ahead of time when they will be selling.   We buy a lot of cattle for ourselves but we also purchase a great deal for several other feeders around the country.

We are Licenced and Bonded order buyers, so we can help you find the Red Angus feeder calves and replacement heifers you are looking for.  

Our customers represent some of the finest cattlemen in the country and are dedicated to raising top quality feeder cattle and replacement heifers.   Most of our customers' calves are 75% or higher Red Angus, with a handful that are 50% Red Angus and 50% Charlais, Gelbvieh, or Simmental.

Gill Red Angus has bred for performance, maternal ability, and efficiency since we began in 1979 and we know that our customers' cattle do it in the pasture and in the feedlot.   We have several of our customers' feedlot and carcass data available upon request.   We have enough confidence and proof that our customers' calves do better than the rest of the industry when it comes to feedlot performance and carcass results.

After feeding several thousand of our customers' calves out the last few years, we have found that they have gained 3.5 lbs a day, kill at 1350 lbs, dress out at 64%, grade at 75% choice or higher, all while 97% of the cattle have a yield grade of a 1, 2, or 3.

Gill Red Angus has never chased any fads.   We strive for high performing cattle with above average carcass, but we have no single trait herd bulls.   The herd sires we use all have REA measurements over 1 square inch per hundred pounds.   This is why our steers dress out at 64%, less than 3% of them are yield grade 4's, and 75% and higher grade at choice or prime.

Several of our customers sell heifers that are of replacement quality.   We have been placing these heifers all over the country.   There is a good demand for Red Angus replacement heifers and they are a little hard to find.   We can find them for you.

If you are looking for some of the best performance Red Angus genetics around, please contact us and we will either bid for you, or put you in contact with our customers.   This is a win-win situation for both the buyers and the sellers.