Gill Red Angus

The Gill Ranch began in the late 60’s when Larry & Janet moved home after Larry got out of the army. In 1979, we bought our first registered Red Angus cattle from the Enid School dispersion. Our foundation herd consisted of mainly Chief bred females, which has given us the great maternal herd we have today.

From the beginning, our main goal has been to raise a maternal and performance cowherd. We feel that our herd has as much or more performance than any other herd no matter what the breed. We strive to have big-butted bulls and easy keeping cows. The mature weight of the cows in our herd is around 1350 lbs. -- not too big and not too small. We feel that you need to run what your environment allows you to run, and our cowherd fits right in that puzzle.

Our main priority the last 25 years has been to produce the best performance bulls we can so our commercial customers are profitable. We do everything possible to make sure our customers get what their calves are worth when they sell them. This last fall we nearly wore out our vehicles going to our customers’ sales and bidding on every Gill sired offspring we could find.
We market our bulls through our annual spring bull sale and our females privately.

Give us a call or stop in sometime. There is only one thing that we enjoy more than raising Red Angus, and that is visiting with our friends and customers.

November 20, 2006

Selling 100 18 month old Red Angus Bulls and 100 Commercial Red Angus Bred heifers.

Annual Bull Sale is March 7, 2005
70 Yearling and 2 year olds

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2005 Sale catalog PDF (3.5 megs)
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Gill Red Angus Annual "You Buy, We Bid" Aged Bull Sale
November 20th, 2006
At the ranch near Timber Lake, SD

Summer Born Bulls - $3070
Fall ET Bulls - $3200
Overall Bulls - $3100
Commercial Bred Heifers - $1250

It was a gorgeous day for the 16th annual bull sale, which also marked the 27th year in the Red Angus seed stock business for Gill Red Angus.  The barn was full of new and long time buyers with the bulls selling into 8 different states around the country.  The quality of the bulls was the best ever raised by Gill Red Angus and several compliments were made.  The bulls were all deep ribbed, long, and naturally thick.  The quality of their livestock and their customer service program are both top priorities for Gill Red Angus.  In the last three years, the Gill's has developed working relationships with several feedlots and cattle buyers around the country to help the Gill Red Angus customers get top dollar for their calves when they sell.  By doing this, they also get a lot of the feedlot and carcass data back to help them and their customers make better decisions when breeding for their next calf crop. 

At the sale, Gill Red Angus had both, Dan Dorn, Decatur County Feeders and Dr. Ron Bolze, National Red Angus Association on hand to discuss other marketing options for Gill Red Angus commercial customers.  They were busy all day discussing the best way to get all the money they can out of their next crop.

Gill Red Angus is also a one-stop business where customers can get both bulls and commercial females, along with discounted vet supplies and semen.  Gill Red Angus believes the future of the cattle industry lies in the hands of seed stock suppliers and we need to provide a top quality product and as much customer service possible, the days of just selling bulls are over.

Summer Born Bulls
The top selling bull was lot 65, LMG Gills Bond 5604.  He is a NSF Bond L007 son that is out of a top Rattler 908 daughter.  He is a heavily muscled bull with a lot of style, performance, calving ease, and carcass. 
He has all the EPD's a guy could want with a -2 bw   31 ww   60 yw   17 milk   32 tm   11 stay   .10 marb   .04 rea.  He scanned great with a 108 REA ratio and 116 IMF ratio and had a birth ratio of 88 while both weaning and yearling ratios are 106.    When the gavel hit the auction block and the smoke settled, he left the ring at $10,500 to Dan and Tara Hooper, Merriman, NE.  Gill Red Angus kept 50% possession and 50% semen interest making this bull worth $21,000.

The next high dollar summer born bull is lot 18, LMG Gills Heavens Door 5579.  He sold to long time customer George Schaeffer, Selfridge, ND for $5000.  Lot 18 scanned great having REA ratio of 113 and an IMF ratio of 116 while his weaning ratio was 111 and yearling ratio was 117.  This bull is a pure powerhouse and will add a lot of muscle and performance to his calves.

Lot 6, LMG Gills Executive 5577, sold at the top as well to another long time customer, Todd Biel, Java, SD took him home for $4750.  This is a son of Tassel Executive 61J and goes back to Rambo 502.  He had everything right with him and he had a great carcass as well having a ratio of 114 for REA measuring 1.22 square inches/cwt and having a 116 IMF ratio.

Lot 67, LMG Gills Executive 5542, sold up there as well, going to Namken Red Angus, Lake Norden, SD.  This bull is one of the thickest rear quartered bulls ever raised by Gill Red Angus.  Along with being thick, he is really easy to look at and out of a top cow family.  In fact, his maternal sister raised one of the four elite herd bull prospects that sold through the MN Great Northern Sale this fall.  Lot 67 left the ring at $4750.

Lot 37, LMG Gills Addiction 5609, was a crowd favorite.  He is a son to DKK Addiction N10.  His new home is Sisseton, SD at the Travis Johnson Ranch.  This guy sold for $4250 and had all the eye appeal, performance, and calving ease one could want.  He had a 138 IMF ratio as well.

Lot 14, LMG Gills Executive 5621, went to a top commercial outfit that always get the respect at the sale barn.  Jack Bickel, Firesteel, SD took him home for $4100.  This guy has a super dam, in fact she sold this fall at the Santa Sale for $7250.  He is also a Tassel Executive son that goes back to Run Cloud 525 and has a 125 IMF ratio.

Lot 4, LMG Gills Heavens Door 5513, is a top Heavens Door son that got a lot of attention sale day.  He went to a good home.  Rapid Creek Ranch, Caputa, SD took him home at $4000.  Rapid Creek took 8 bulls home and they were all ½ brothers, and sons of Heavens Door.

Lot 5, LMG Gills Coyote 5505, is an extremely attractive Gilchrist Coyote son.  He had a bit more frame but was very powerful, deep, and scanned at the top with a REA ratio of 108 measuring 1.18 square inches/cwt and had an IMF ratio of 134.  He sold to long time customer Glenn Fogelman, Opal, SD for $4000


Lot 43, LMG Gills Heavens Door 5566, is another real powerful Heavens Door son that also has loads of style.  This guy has a huge REA measuring 1.25 square inches/cwt and had a ratio of 123.  This guy found a home at Rapid Creek Ranch, Caputa, SD


Lot 45, LMG Gills Heavens Door 5565 was another favorite.  He sold for $4000 at 50% possession and 50% semen interest making him worth $8000.  He is out of one of the top cow families at Gill Red Angus.  Prince & Sons, F. Pierre, SD, found him and decided to make him their own.

Fall ET Bulls
Lots 19, 20, and 22 are all three full ET brothers and attracted a lot of attention around the country.  They are all sons of DKK Addiction N10 and out of the top donor cow LMG Dynette 902. 
902 has done great things for Gill Red Angus and these three bulls show the consistency and quality she produces.  Lot 19 sold to Mike Groves, CO, Lot 20 sold to Larry Harrison, White River, SD, and Glenn Fogelman, Opal, SD, purchased lot 22 making him his second purchase of the day.  All three of the bulls left the ring at $4500 a piece.

Commercial Bred Heifers
Tom Fiedler, Selby, SD purchased the high dollar bred heifers with 26 head selling for $1350.  They were all AI bred to DKK Addiction N10 and will calve the weak of
February 15.

Volume Buyers
John Owens, Red Bluff, CA is a repeat buyer and purchased 9 bulls
Rapid Creek Ranch, Caputa, SD purchased 8 bulls
Franklyn O'Driscoll, Selina, UT purchased 7 bulls
Mike Groves, Orchard, CO purchased 5 bulls
Ed Miller, Faith, SD purchased 28 Bred Heifers and 1 bull
Tom Fiedler, Selby, SD purchased 26 bred heifers

The majority of the bulls sold to repeat customers of Gill Red Angus.