Gill Red Angus

The Gill Ranch began in the late 60’s when Larry & Janet moved home after Larry got out of the army. In 1979, we bought our first registered Red Angus cattle from the Enid School dispersion. Our foundation herd consisted of mainly Chief bred females, which has given us the great maternal herd we have today.

From the beginning, our main goal has been to raise a maternal and performance cowherd. We feel that our herd has as much or more performance than any other herd no matter what the breed. We strive to have big-butted bulls and easy keeping cows. The mature weight of the cows in our herd is around 1350 lbs. -- not too big and not too small. We feel that you need to run what your environment allows you to run, and our cowherd fits right in that puzzle.

Our main priority the last 25 years has been to produce the best performance bulls we can so our commercial customers are profitable. We do everything possible to make sure our customers get what their calves are worth when they sell them. This last fall we nearly wore out our vehicles going to our customers’ sales and bidding on every Gill sired offspring we could find.
We market our bulls through our annual spring bull sale and our females privately.

Give us a call or stop in sometime. There is only one thing that we enjoy more than raising Red Angus, and that is visiting with our friends and customers.

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Bull Videos

Sale Day Weights, Scrotal, ADG and Outs

Supplement Sheet for Lot 148


2018 Sale Click Here

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Weights, Scrotal Measurements, and Average Daily Gains

Click here for Feb. 16th 2016 Sale Catalog

2016 Sale Bull Videos

Yearling Scrotals, Weight and ADG

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Video of each lot

Scrotal measurements, ADG, and Projected Sale Day Weights


2014 Bull Sale Report - Click Here

2013 Annual "You Buy, We Bid" Bull and Heifer Sale"
Tuesday February 19 at the Ranch

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Sale Information, Commercial Heifers, and Registered Heifers

2 year Old Bulls Lot 1 to Lot 50
2 Year Old Bulls Lot 51 to Lot 104
Yearling Bulls Lot 105 to Lot 152
Yearling Bulls Lot 153 to End

Scrotal Measurements | Yearling Bulls Performance and Carcass Data
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Gill Red Angus "You Buy Our Bulls, We Will Bid on Your Calves" Annual Bull and Heifer Sale:
February 21 at 1:00 MT

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Easy Page Flip Catalog and Bull Videos Here!
PDF's - 2 year old Bull Scrotal and Carcass Data
Fall Bull Scrotal Data
Yearling Bull Scrotal, weights, Carcass Data, and updated Carcass EPD's
Catalog Update
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"The 2nd Annual Red Angus Influence ONLY Calf Sale"
Put on by Mobridge Livestock and Gill Red Angus
held October 23 at Mobridge Livestock, Mobridge, SD
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2011 Annual Spring  Bull and Female Sale Catalog

Fall 2010 Newsletter

2010 Spring Bull and Female Sale
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2009 Spring Sale Catalog
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Fall 2008 Bull and Female Catalog
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Spring 2008 Sale Catalog PDF (2.5 megs)

2007 Fall Gill Sale catalog
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2006 Fall Gill Sale catalog PDF (2.6 megs)

2005 Fall Gill Sale catalog PDF (3.5 megs)